Big Hultsfred post!

On Wednesday we left for Hultsfredfestival - by far the most boring festival I've ever been to. The line-up consisted mostly of extremely overexposed bands like The Killers, Kings of Leon and Franz Ferdinand. This Swedish singer Lars Winnebäck played 4 TIMES.  Still we had to stay there 3 days cause Daniel had to work as a stagetechnician for Cult Of Luna on Wednesday and play with his band Convoj on Friday.

We had to go by train for over 4 hours, which was okay cause we had to get up at 6 in the morning and now we got to catch up with some sleep. 

After we got our artist/photopasses, we went to set up our tent. Luckily there was an artist/employee campside, which was slightly less noisy and slightly less crowded. I really dislike these typical festivalpeople. Drink drink drink, get really annoying and play superloud music at 5am. When the crowd of H&M-hippies next to you finally turn down their MGMT, on the other side a group of greasy-haired guys will turn up their nu-metal mixtape. Really; no one wants to hear System of a Down at 5 in the morning. Actually, I think no one wants to hear System of a Down, period. 

After taking a short nap, we went to explore the festivalsite for a bit. We saw The Gossip, who were quite cool. We wanted to get something to eat, but there wasn't that much choice. They sold weird things like stirfried Moose, hog kebab... It all looked really gross. I had some fries and Danny had some thai food. It was absolutely disgusting, he threw it away after a few bites. We ran into some friends, which was nice. Björn, in the picture, and his girlfriend Alexandra are coming to Gothenburg at the end of this week, it will be really nice!

My favourite thing on the festival was when they played Michael Jackson live in Bucharest on a big screen. Maybe that says something about me, maybe that says something about the rest of the line-up... 

After Michael Jackson, Cult of Luna had to play. Daniel did great as a stagetechie and I took some pictures. 

The second day it was raining all day. The only things we left the tent for, was to see Regina Spektor and get some fries and a hotdog. Regina was awesome. I was afraid she wouldn't come across well on such a big stage but she handled it so well, the crowd was so enthusiastic and she seemed to be enjoying it very much. 

The last day the weather was quite nice in the beginning. We saw this as a reason to go out to the muddy festivalsite to see Dungen. It was nice. There weren' t a lot of people on site. 

Then we went to visit Daniels brother at the campside. He had been camping at the festival since monday. We're pretty sure that in a whole week of camping, he only went on site to see Ice Cube. Ah, as long as he's having fun, right?

Not so aptly named backstage area:

The other guys from Convoj arrived around 21.00, and they had to play at 23.30.

It was nice, there weren't that many people there but the show was great. A big securityguard took the policegrip on me cause I was drinking bottled beer from the backstage, and apparently that wasn't allowed outside the backstage. He could have just told me. 

Back to the tent for one last night of cold and uncomfortable sleeping. We decided we should get a bit drunk so it would be easier to fall asleep. 

The next morning we packed up our things and took a train to Kalmar, where Daniels parents were waiting. They are such lovely people. We went to their house to take a much needed shower and then we went to Ölands Djurpark, where Daniel grew up working in the circus. We saw the circusshow, which was really cool. Afterwards we went to visit the Russian circusfamily Daniel used to work with. They were SO nice and they kept topping up our glasses of wine, even if we said no. 

After that we went back to Kalmar and had dinner at this really great restaurant. I got a steak with garlic butter, served on a hot iron plate. Daniel just got pasta, cause it was the only vegetarian dish they had. It's often like that. 

The next day we had a really really nice big breakfast and then we drove to Oskarshamn, where we were going to take the train from back to Gothenburg. In Oskarshamn we walked around a bit and then we had a big lunch cause we would be on the train for the rest of the day until 22.30.  OH MY GOD; the food was SO awesome. We got these wonderfully decorated plates, Daniels parents and I had a porksteak and Danny got awesome vegetarian food, fresh stirfried vegetables with falafel.

Then we were on the train for over 5 hours. Swedish landscapes are so amazing. I kept pointing and gasping and getting really excited when I saw deer or other animals.

It's so good to be back home!


Anonymous said...

really amazing blog

i love it

love Lars ♥

beckylou said...

oh je beschrijving van je camping-buren heeft veel weg van de mijne op werchter zoveel jaar geleden... BAH! nooit meer!

Zaynab Esther said...

I think I might have said it like 10 gazillion times, but i'm in love with your pictures :)

Yeepcha said...

Good blog.....I love your pictures and I like how grumpy you were about the idiots that frequent festivals....H&M hippies with their MGMT. I agree entirely!! xx

Hannah_wolja said...

I love your little Tiger!!!!