5th of July

Second day of the videoshoot for ' The Shovel' by Convoj. Go check them out on Myspace. It's supercatchy indierock. You will surely appreciate them if you'd like The Rapture combined with... a better version of Mando Diao maybe?

It was considerably earlier and colder than the previous day, and it was also going to be a lot more tedious. Stopmotion is a lot of work. Shooting every part of the song, with every bandmember seperately, from different angles, just in pictures. Especially the vocals took long. The lyrics were written out phonetically and every sound needed a seperate picture. Times 4 different angles. Think we were there from 10 to 10. But there was coffee, salad, crisps, we had our laptop with us... I managed.


My man used to be in the circus. Always happy to show off some tricks.

We went for a short walk around the harbor and we saw a crab! That was relatively exciting.

But we had to stay close to the set in case they needed Daniel. Yup, quite boring at times.

Finally finished. I'm really curious as to how the video will turn out!

We got home around 23.00 and I mentioned I was craving for some McDonalds. 
'What do you want from McDonalds?'  
'Oh I could eat 3 burgers and a large fries, that's how hungry I am.' 
Then he turned around and said he'd be back in half an hour. And he doesn't like McDonalds himself. I know that he is the most amazing guy in the world but he still keeps surprising me.

My feet after this weekend; still wearing my sandals. The sunburn is gradually getting better but still so annoying. And I look ridiculous, especially my shoulders and back. Lesson learnt, bought SPF 50 now.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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