25th of July

Daniel and I are together 8 months today.

It was finally nice weather again today so we went out to Göteborgs Konstmuseum. It was nice to be outside again without being cold or rained on. We took a walk, I picked some flowers and we ended up at our little spot in the forest near the apartment where we lay down and looked at the clouds for a while. Until a bug crawled up my dress, then I freaked out and wanted to go home. I put my flowers in a glass on the nightstand.

When we got home Daniel finished recording his new song 'Bernard' and made me sing backingvocals. I think it's so weird to hear my own voice. The song is finished now and you can hear it on his myspace. It's really really beautiful and I'm so proud of him. He records all his songs all by himself.


nadine said...

Oh, i love the song. I saw at myspace that Daniel has cancelled the gig at ponybar in hamburg/germany. I read your blog regularly and i'm curious now. Wanted to see Halo of Pendor ;) but you wrote about a different concert!? I can't remember. Will you join him on the tour?

Anonymous said...

8 Monate euch auch weiterhin viel Glück. Alles liebe Lars

Anonymous said...

Ach das hätte ich jetzt fast vergessen das foto in deiner Sidebar mit dem ach.. wie sagt man diesem Indianerhut egal ich nenn ihn indianerhut ich mag dieses Foto sehr alles liebe lars

Mo said...

congrats !!!! beautiful couple pics !