21st of July

I did a little shopping today.

Navy dress with zipper details, zipper all the way down the back, from Weekdays.

Triblend eggshell dress from Weekdays.

This is what I wore today. Top from Primark, skirt from Gina Tricot.


Mo said...

you guys are so cute !! and very nice navy blue dress!!

Becca. said...

lovely dresses.
you look really pretty :)
come and check out my blog sometime :)
have a nice summer xoxo

Anonymous said...

love your new dresses, the white one in particular is gorgeous :)

The AstroCat said...

Nice clothes and a cute photo, the first one :)

The Biche said...

I love your white top!

petršilček™ said...

so cute - the first photo :)
and nice dress(also the first one)!!

Anonymous said...

really really nice look cute

love Lars ♥♥3

- said...

I love your top from Primark, and i love your style, it's great!