1st of July

Soooo yesterday afternoon I finally arrived back in Gothenburg. Of course Daniel was waiting for me at the airport. I was so so so happy to see him again. We didn't let go of each other until the arrivals hall was nearly empty. 

When we got home I was hungry and there was really nothing to eat except some knäckebröd, so we went somewhere to have falafel and then get some foodstash. The kind of groceryshopping that requires a cart. We realised this was the first time in our 7 month relationship that we used a cart in the supermarket. Milestone. 

In a world of OLW crisps, all I need to make me happy is 2 giant bags of Estrella.

On the way to Convoj rehearsal we stopped by the Gothenburg memorial place for MJ: his star at the themepark Liseberg (he rented the whole park for a day so he could hang around there with a Swedish child actor). Made a drawing on the tram when we went there; I didn't want to show up empty handed and I'm too cheap to buy flowers.

Convoj rehearsal... Sat outside at the fire escape cause the rehearsalroom was like a sauna. I had a nice view on the highway and we also brought the laptop. That's usually enough to satisfy me. 

Todays outfit. Sweaty crankenstein. Dress and sandals are both from H&M (wow I swear that hardly ever happens) and EF bag. 


Rosé Magritte said...

That MJ note was probably the cutest thing I've ever read.

Plus I want your shoes.

Mo said...

hey ! i was at Lisaberg the day after his death, the place where he left his hands print was already covered in flowers !