Sunshine Cleaning

Elke is carrying this season's absolute must-have; the EF-tote bag! ;)

Yesterday was my last night in Amsterdam for now. When I come back in two months, Elke will have moved back to Belgium. Kind of sad, it was really nice to have her here. We went to see Sunshine Cleaning, I really liked that movie!

I'm wearing an old black blazer that I put shoulder pads in.
I'm so obsessed with shoulderpads right now.


Hannah said...

Hi! Great blog, you have fantastic style! That crochet pastel skirt you posted about a while back is simply divine!


love the photos here
black and white looks fantastic xxx

Anonymous said...

Veel plezier liefje

sarah said...

i just watched sunshine cleaning for the first time and think amy adams is mesmerizing (especially in junebug). love the rest of the cast, ESPECIALLY clifton collins jr... fun blog ;)
xo s