Ok you guys, i must admit it's pretty damn hot outside.
Cant seem to get the heat out of my house.

No, I will never ever get a tan.

I'm packing my suitcase for real this time. Just went into town to do some last shoppings in the Dutch final sales, before feasting on the Swedish ones (well, without spending too much money of course).

Can't wait til I get to Gothenburg tomorrow. It'll be the first time in over a month Daniel and I will get some real 'you and me time'. I've missed him more than I ever deemed possible. We still have to celebrate my birthday and our 7 month anniversary, which we both missed cause he was out touring.

By the way, looking at my list of June-posts, I must conclude I've been blogging more than ever this month. Hope it's all still enjoyable.


Jack Daniel said...

of course it's still enjoyable. And your pics are getting better and better. I wonder who takes them....? :P

Some girls don't need a tan. Like you. Hahaha.
Have fun with the man with the most beautiful name ever.

Mariell Amélie said...

what a pretty girl you are. and you look perfect with dark hair. you make me wanna dye my hair again.

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

Hey, thanks for adding us.

That shits is beautiful!


Jack Daniel said...

Nou, ik kreeg net te horen dat ik ben afgewezen door ArtEZ (hogeschool voor de kunsten Arnhem) dus ik probeer nu te emigreren naar Zweden. Stomme Nederland...bah.

Mariell Amélie said...

oh thank u. im so happy about going to london. is blonde your natural color?
yep im a friend of daniel, or..an internet-friend. you know in these times people dont get real friends any longer.

Anonymous said...


Mariell Amélie said...

Hehe, yes. I think you look so cute together. I started talking to daniel a few months before you guys met i guess, so after hearing about that sweet girl in netherlands, i had to look you up;)
haircolors are always difficult, you are so lucky to be natural dark! i dyed my hair dark in october last year with fringe and all, but im back to blonde and no fringe. i couldnt stand the after-growth even if i loved being a brunette. so now i will just grow a way to long blonde hair.

Balancebeam said...

Good thing you will never get a tan.

Mo said...

really enjoyable !!

have a great time in Sweden !!