New skirt

Crochet, lace, pastels, fringing... This skirt has it ALL. I was really happy when I found it.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous skirt <3

Daniel said...

oh, it´s my girl. You look adorable in my sailor hat. I miss you so much. I just got to the hostel. Me and Staffan are surfing frenetic before we'll hit the beds. I wish you could come with us to fusion! It will be great.... but mostly I look forward to Wednesday when you will come! Oh, I am longing so much that It hurts.

Jag älskar dig lillhjärtat.

Polinas Blog said...

Hey Laura!

Thx for your comment in my blog.
I saw you on lookbook.nu - I like your style!
Could you invite me to lookbook please? I would love to join in, but I need an invitation (mail@polina-subbotina.de).

Thx a lot!