8th of June

On the left my well-familiar Favourite Dress from Monki.
On the right are Cheap Mondays made into shorts and a shirt from H&M.

My man left on tour today. Check on EF's Myspace if they'll be playing anywhere near you this month.


Ines said...

I love this! Looks like we've got the same shoes. If not, I probably have the cheap version of yours.

And EF seem to play every possible city in Germany except Cologne. Otherwise I'd defo go see them.


Kelley Anne said...

Thanks for the tip on Graceland...I'll look into it:) I love your style...both of these looks are amazing...and your blog as well!

Unknown said...

Great outfits. Really like your blog!

ryan said...

Mońki [ˈmɔɲki] is a town in northeastern Poland and, as of 1999, is situated in the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

Anonymous said...

Love the second outfit. And girl, you've got a killer profile! :D

Miss Woody said...

these outfists are wonderful !