13th of June

Primark Jacket - Ralph Lauren top - Thrifted skirt - Graceland shoes.


Anonymous said...

I have so much to comment about your posts. so i put it all in this, i hope it is ok!

i have same canon ixus and guess what i am saving money for SAME canon EOS 1000D! wierd. but my uncle have it and it is just killer camera. just wonderful and really worth of the money.
you take wonderful pictures with ixus also, do you do something for the pictures after getting them, like changing colours etc?

especially the one with yellow shorts. and that latest one with polka dot blazer. super adorable.

also i have to comment your JUNE 1 outfit. that red skirt with t-shirt and denim vest is just brilliant. laura you can pull off everything!

hahah sorry this long message.
hope you have great day.


The AstroCat said...

Love the outfit :)

Nicole Then said...

wow, i love this outfit and the pictures in your blog! dreamy :)

Anonymous said...

i like this =)