7th of May (Andrew Bird)

Thursday I went to see my friend Florence who lives in London now, but was back in Amsterdam for a couple days. I miss her.

While I was waiting for the bus, I spotted this tree; So amazing! There were millions of little larvae/caterpillar-things spinning threads over the whole tree. I had never seen anything like it.

Later that night Elke and I got to go to the long sold-out Andrew Bird gig at Paradiso. Thank you Phosphorescent! Phophorescent and Laura Marling were playing support, they were both amazing. I had never heard of Laura Marling before but she really surprised me.

Andrew Bird was amazing, he is so talented and he played all of my favourite AB-songs, including Dr Stringz.

After that we went to fancy bar Weber with the AB-guys, we had a lot of fun, until all the bars closed at 4 and we had to go home.

I wasn't as drunk as I look, I just have a great talent for closing my eyes in pictures.


Balancebeam said...

lucky basterd ;)

Ariella said...

Wow, that tree. I've never EVER seen anything like it either. Really interesting! The cat's cute.

Amber Liz said...

Andrew! <3

Anonymous said...

Oh Laur, je vergeet de even-fancy bar Korsakoff met de dronken Phosphorescent boys and hun boot-avontuur.
Oh en de politie buiten met de gehandboeide jongen!

Rosé Magritte said...

Doc Martens and Andrew Bird in one post. Scrumptious.

I really like this blog. I'm adding it to my link list. :)

Anonymous said...

Die 4de foto is prachtig en die boom, wow, zo raar! :o :)