That feeling

That feeling when you meet someone and fit together so well that you turn into a sappy, romantic, smiling, glowing fuzzball of happiness. Honestly, I never really thought I'd feel this way, but I love it so much. Everything in this relationship feels so flawless that it's almost creeping me out. Even the long distance thing is working out amazingly.

Daniel just left on Friday, we were not going to see each other for another 3 weeks. We did 3 weeks last time and it was torture. Yesterday he called me and said he had booked tickets to come back next Friday, he just couldn't do 3 weeks again. I am so so so happy. So now he stays from Friday to Wednesday, and then I'm going to Sweden the Wednesday after that. He is really the best guy anyone could wish for.

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Jack Daniel said...

Shit man. Kon ik maar zo vaak naar Zweden gaan.

I love love love Sweden. Och jag saknar sverige så himla mycket!