Hymie's basement


I've been listening to the same music all the time lately and I was getting a bit bored of it, to be honest. So I decided to see if there's something on my old external harddrive that I was in the mood for. I hadn't listened to Hymie's Basement in a while. These guys are so genius. It's Yoni Wolf of Why? and Andrew Broder of Fog; Two of my favourite bands combined.

Somebody told me when the bomb hits
everybody in a two mile radius will be instantly sublimated.
But if you lay face down on the ground for some time,
avoiding the residual ripples of heat,
you might survive, permanently fucked up and twisted like
you're always underwater refracted.
Oh, but if you do go gas, there's nothing you can do if the air that was once you is mingled and mashed with the kicked up molecules of the enemy's former body.
Big-kid-tested, motherfucker approved.

- Hymie's Basement - 21st Century Pop Song


Mo said...

i like the pic...music has power...

Anonymous said...

Those lyrics..
Did you post them before?
Did Coupland use them somewhere?
They're so familiar..

Noname said...

That's such a scary poem. Twisted. Your dress in those photos is just beautiful on you. Is it vintage?

Liz said...

Lovely photos. Changing focus from shallow to deep really changes the effect of the photo! ^___^

Anonymous said...

Oh wauw, mooie foto's :)
En je header, ZALIG gwn! ^^