23rd - 26th May

Drinking beer in the sun at Kungsparken and EF-rehearsal.

EF will go on tour in june, they will play in several cities in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switserland and Poland. So if you live in one of there countries you should check out if they're anywhere near you.
EF on Myspace.

I'm back from Gothenburg now, which makes me sad, but I'll be there all summer. I'm really looking forward to spending the whole summer with Daniel. We are so in love and it hurts so much that we have to say goodbye all the time. Apart from the distance, everything feels so good about this relationship.


Lucky girl said...

I checked the link and should admit that i opened a new awesome band for me!
Thank you for this:)

p.s.You have wonderful blog with great photos!I'll follow you!

M&S said...

Really nice photos !!!

Carissa Duhamel said...

you have the same taste in life as me

beckylou said...

woehoew Belgiƫ!

Yaya Moon said...

really beautiful pictures :) I like the colors

Frances Davison said...

beautiful photos x