Välkommen till Holland

I had to say goodbye to Danny again at the airport this morning, it's always so painful to have to let go. Trying to collect enough of each other's touch to last for the time being apart.

But it's so beautiful to be together. I feel we have such a great relationship. Balanced, happy, intense, comfortable. We care about each other and take care of each other in our own little ways. We've both been in relationships with a lot of one-way traffic, it really feels like a relief to find someone who cares as much about me, as I do about him.

19 days without each other. It's difficult. It's difficult and painful having to plan for the entire year when we will be together, when being together is really all we care about.

There will be a time when we can see each other whenever we want, but unfortunately not everything is as easy as we wish it would be right now.

Until then, there will always be tears at goodbye.
But we both know that it's worth the wait.


beckylou said...

als je ooit adresjes wilt, je moet er maar naar vragen :D
en ik zou ook een ebay winkel moeten beginnen, Ik krijg maar een kwart van men kleren in men inieminie kastje. Alles ligt op men zetel, bureau en in de badkamer verspreid :D

ik ben blij voor je maar stiekem ook een beetje jaloers :D ik hoop dat de 19 dagen voorbij zullen vliegen!

Daniel said...

i miss you so it hurts. Its been a day Laura. ONE day. I love you so much gumman.

Mo said...

don't give up ! it's so tough but totally worth it ! we"ve been doing this for 2 years now..it's getting really tough, sometimes we don't see each other for 6 weeks..but it's even better when we finally see each other then!

Lena said...

A friend of mine has got a boyfriend living in Phoenix, USA - she lives in Germany. That is sooo much further, but they're still on it. Good luck!

Jack Daniel said...

These kind of relationships are actually the best.
You two will stay together for a long, long, long time.

I have to find me a swedish girl..... -ZUCHT-!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle said...

wow you both live so far away, sorta. will one of you make the big move to be with each other 24/7?
i moved from australia to france to be with my boyfriend. we did long distance for 3 months and i thought fuck it, i'll move to france.

your relationship sounds sweeeet. how did you meet?

ive been leaving heaps of comments on your blog btw. hope you dont mind.