Motel Mozaique

It was so great!! More like a get-together of a lot of friends, made a lot of new friends and saw a lot of great gigs. Even though it was sold out, there was a very laid-back and cosy atmosphere and it was never too crowded anywhere.

I'm not going to do this in strict chronoligical order cause I don't remember everything. On friday we saw Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife) with her soloproject. Darker, but quite similar to the Knife. The show was really great, every song had a different theme, different lightshow, different feel. If you get the chance you should definitely go see it.
On friday we saw some radiosessions during the day. One session was by young Norwegian band The New Wine. Their music was really catchy and the energy was charming, so we decided to go see them again at night. They were sharing a slot with the Whitest Boy Alive (whom they were touring with) and Röyksopp (who are supposed to be very boring live).
There were only about 15 people at the New Wine gig, too bad, but all 15 people were having the best time. We danced from start to finish. After that we bought cake and went over to the Norwegian boys to tell them that we liked their music. Then we helped carry their equipment to the venue 'WATT', where The Whitest Boy Alive were still playing. They were nice.

We also saw Nico Muhly with Sam Amidon on friday, and Sam Amidon with Nico Muhly on saturday. Such nice guys! We stayed at the same hotel as them (big thanks to their booker Felix!) We went to a cigar-bar (haha) with them and the Norwegian kids on friday night, and got a ride to the festival in their van on saturdaymorning.

Early on saturdaymorning, cause we all wanted to see Jóhann Jóhannsson in session at 9.45 (!). Big cup of coffee and still foggy in my head, Johánns music just sent shivers down my spine. A string quartet, a piano, and this guy with a laptop who threw in some clarinet and bass samples now and then; it was absolutely stunning.

Next up was Sam Amidon. Sam sings old folksongs in his own versions, he tells little stories about the songs, he makes funny faces and he does cool dances. I bought his album and I've been listening to it non stop since sunday.

Then Loney Dear, he's Elke's friend so we said hi and decided to meet up later.
Loney Dear

Breakfast at Rotown with part of The Whitest Boy Alive. Had a really great sandwich. Hm. Back to the festivalsite for some sessions, BLK JKS, HEALTH (whats with these caps?!), John Hopkins, Mocky.


Then at night we saw Woods, Hjaltalín, Loney Dear and 2 Many DJ's.

We stayed to wait for the first train back to Amsterdam, and hung out with people from HEALTH and Nina Kinert's band. When I got home, it was light and birds were singing and it really felt like summer.

Some other easter/easterfunfair-related photos.


Unknown said...

Mooie foto's!


The candy looks delicious and those lights are so crazy cool! :)


Jack Daniel said...

Cool you got to hang out with The Whitest Boy Alive. I LOVE their music. I should stop listen to them because it's the only music I listen to for the past month or so...! And I would also like to meet Nina Kinert. She's beautiful. I have interviewed her friend Ane Brun during my internship.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh my god, amsterdam, and oohmygod i envy you fot this night! WOW! I have to move to Amsterdam! And what you got to hang out with the whitest boy alive? Haha SWEET! THUMBS UP miss!
Best regards
Bec Wonders