Warm light on a winter's day

photo by Maarten Goddijn, 2006

Yesterday was such a nice day, the sun was shining, the air was warm, i got out my sunglasses and unzipped my coat while cycling to school.

It made me realise how much energy good weather gives me. Or really how bad weather makes me uninspired to do anything. It's always a comforting thought that sooner or later, spring and summer will come back.
I'm looking forward to this summer so much. Well, I'm looking forward to this year so much. I'm looking forward to a lot of things.

Tomorrow Danny is coming back, its only for a short time (4 days, more or less) but it's better than nothing. Time goes so fast when he's here, and everything seems to move 10 times slower when he's away.

On tuesday we're going to go see Animal Collective! This is a nice song to get in the summer mood while you're waiting for good weather to come back.
Animal Collective - Brothersport


$ym said...

:o not the colour version of the t shirt??
ha, thank you for being so lovely! i think you have a pretty much perfect face and i love looking at yr oufit posts. i actually found you through stylemob (yr sonic youth t shirt was amazing!) but i think also you know heathcote? and maybe clara?

Balancebeam said...

Jep ben het met je eens over de zomer.
+ was ook bij animal collective haha, heb je niet gezien.