No, I don't twitter.

I just don't see the point. I have Facebook and a blog. It's not like anyone cares anyway.

Schoolwork is killing me, I have five days to finish everything I've been procrastinating. Then I'm off to Gothenburg again for 10 days.

I'll use this lack of blogging inspiration to blatantly promote my man's music.

Halo of Pendor - Panic Love (free download)
Halo of Pendor on Myspace
Halo of Pendor on Last.fm


Mo said...

it is tough for me yeah! for how long have you been learning?

my bf makes fun of me too sometimes, but hey, my swedish is better than is french ;-)

Mo said...

aa and you already understand stuff..im jealous lol I totally suck. I need to find time to really study...and practice.. ;-)

Daniel said...

Jag älskar att läsa din blogg älskling, särskilt när du börjat uppdatera mer ofta.

jag längtar efter dig så otroligt mycket.

Ik hou van jou.

James Jean said...

I agree Twitter is for little Twits lol but I like the man's shirt. *Must have it*

James Jean said...

We have a Topshop opening up in soho next week actually. I'll take photos there and hopefully they'll have this henley I'm on the market for