I love you

It was one of the first things he ever said to me.

Perhaps it's more accurate to say it's one of the first things he ever slurred at me, while taking strands of my hair and holding them under my nose.
'Huh-huh, youave a moustache.'
'Well so do you'
'Haha... hyeaahh. Iwuvyoo.'
I carefully pushed him away and walked back over to the other guys.
'Iwuvyoo, potatogirl! Potatogirl!' (A nickname i got appointed earlier, when we found out about our mutual love for potatoes)

I'm sure he didn't mean it then.

Who would have thought that half a year later, we'd be where we are now.

n.b.: Daniel is making me mention the fact that I was well hammered and very loud that night. I was obviously very attractive.

I should also mention that he is not a retard, but a very intelligent and well-spoken person. When he's sober. And I wuv him very much too.


Daniel said...

hahaha, honey love.
this was your way to tell the story on the boat.
you forgot to write about your state of mind and how I remember you as a very loud girl. You, I couldn't even try to ignore.

I love you.

Mo said...

what cute post ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh so cute little post!

anyway, old music rocks better than new, even tought there are few pretty good bands / singers at the moment.

Listening old Michael Jackson makes me wanna buy red 80s leather jacket.
Queen is allways wonderful.
and guess what is the song I allways play in repeating when I am running?
bon jovi - livin on a prayer.
*hhahhah* never get tiared.

oh, was that coldplay concert already, the one you talked while ago?