Bravehearted soldier

So there I stood.
Tuesdaynight, 4AM, wearing a nightshirt, boots and rubber gloves.
I'm aiming a can of hairspray in the general direction of where we heard the crackling noise.
'Maybe it was a rat.' says Daniel, who is sitting straight up in bed, face pale, sheets pushed off.
'It wasn't a rat, it was too small to be a rat.
Besides, we've had mice before in this house.'
'Oooh, I hate mice...'

I walk around and kick the garbagebag it was probably rummaging in.
'I think it went back into its hole.'
I point at the hole in the floor, just next to the garbagebag.
Daniel nods while he anxiously inspects the room from his little safehaven.
'Are you sure?'
'Pretty much'

I clog the hole up with a sock and get back into bed.
Can't say I slept well that night cause I'm not particularly fond of mice either.
Bought some poison, steelwool and ducttape, that should solve the problem for now.


JamieDOTBall said...

this is a wonderful style of writing :)

Jack Daniel said...

Is this a story based on true facts?

My name is Daniel as well. What a coincidence.
Are you talking about...........me....perhaps?

Ohja, bedankt voor je commentje op mijn blogje.