Animal Collective

Animal Collective were great! They played a lot of my favourite songs, as opposed to last time I saw them, when they only played songs no one had ever heard. Also lots off the new album, which I hadn't listened to often, but it's really growing on me now.

This song is so beautiful, i can really identify with it:

I like the way you squeeze my hand
Pulling me into another dream
A lucid dream
I’m getting lost in your curls
I’m getting crushed out on the things
that only I should see
Not for boys, they’re just for me

Girl, you can talk from far away

It’s so hard for me
Only to get the urge to kiss you there
When we’re alone, I wanna say
Let’s just stay in,
no one’s here in our apartment babe
Animal Collective - Bluish

My new favourite book:

I think I'm doing pretty well in this learning Swedish. I know a lot of words now, but making sentences is challenging, to say the least. But I found this little tourist dictionary, which I plan on reading from every day.


Balancebeam said...

Ik dacht ik begin er maar weer eens een. Ben er alleen niet echt goed in ofzo haha.
Ik stond vrij midden in. Voor mij stonden om de een of andere reden ook alleen maar kleine mensen, dat was dus wel fijn haha!
Maar was zeker nice =D

Mo said...

o you're learning swedish... me too ! i think it's kinda tough though...

TMFA said...

That is looking great. Good to see some Amsterdam blogger :)

Rosé Magritte said...

Thats great news! I get to see them in May and I am so incredibly stoked. Glad to hear they were awesome, but then again it's no surprise. :)

Jack Daniel said...

Hey Laura,

I've studied swedish in....Sweden.

Je moet deze aanschaffen:


Het is echter engels - zweeds.

Maar wanneer je dit boek uit hebt, kan je PLOTSELING goed zweeds praten. :)

Ik kijk er nog wel eens in en dan maak ik oefeningetjes. En ik kijk naar films met zweedse ondertiteling. Maar dat doe jij vast ook al. Haha.

Puss och kram!