Yeah baby, you're a tiger!

Oh. A jaguar? My bad.
Today I had the honor of having some of the world's most beautiful models in front of my lens.

Students of my school get to go to the city zoo for 2,5€ (normal price is 20€). I think I'm gonna be there a lot more often.

And yesterday at Paradiso I went to see Pivot!
There weren't a lot of people there so that means LOADS OF PEOPLE MISSED OUT.

Listen: Pivot - Didn't I Furious (intrumental/noise/electronic)


S said...

Wow, die eerste foto van de slang is echt mooi!
Ik ben ook verliefd op Artis. Beetje jammer dat 't voor mij wel 20 euro kost..

Anonymous said...

Zo'n mooie foto's!
En ze speelden echt model voor je, zo grappig :D