5 Days Off was brilliant! I promised I'd update on that so here we go: It started off quite legendary cause never before had I queued for AN HOUR AND 10 MINUTES to get into a venue :/

Due to the unexpected delay we missed half of Yelle. Still though, she was adorable, energetic and much more respectable as an artist and a band than you'd expect (not to sound mean, but, yeah... come on.)

Listen: Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir

Santogold cancelled, I didn't mind at all; first of all because I really don't 'get' this whole hype around her, she's like MIA... but worse and quite boring :/ But most of all I was happy 'cause their slot was filled by Vive La FĂȘte! I adore Els Pynoo, she couldn't sing in key to save her life but I love her energy and her style.

Listen: Vive La FĂȘte - Assez

After that was MSTRKRFT, it had been a while since I did some proper dancing with my friends, so thank you MSTRKRFT. Oh, and any man who thinks he can win my heart, should grow a MSTRKRFT-moustache first. Mmmhm.

Listen: Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results (MSTRKFRT Edition)

In other news, I bought a new dress today and I love it. It's beauty shines through the fact that emo-kids kind of ruined colourful star-patterns.
Dress - Tobakko
Leggins - Wonder Woman
Shoes - Discount store

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